Thursday, November 30, 2006


17 degrees......

First, I layer on their jammies.....then their winter coats.

Both stick a nose out the front door. Hoss turns as if to go back inside. He has gotten me up at 3:30 am the last two nights. He is going out to potty.....

We start our walk. Hoss takes care of both to-dos on his business list, then refuses to go any further. Rather than fight him, we turn back, drop Hoss off, then Bud and I head back out so that he can take care of to-dos.

Of course, he hasn't figured out that the quicker you go, the quicker you get to go back in. He waits until the very end our potty walk loop, then goes. It is back to the house as quickly as possible. It is too cold out here.

Back inside, Hoss is still in his jammies (I took off his coat when I dropped him off), but looking rather uncomfortable. Bud runs upstairs as if to go to bed (still in his jammies). I start to hear an odd sound.

I run upstairs to find Bud in an infinite loop of the greyhound-shake. (For those of you that don't know, that is the head turning one direction, the trunk of the body turning the other with legs flinging, butt in the opposite direction as the trunk, and tail whipping around like a propeller.) Shake. Stop. Repeat. Over, and over, and over. I think the static build-up was really bothering him! As soon as they came off, he was much better. Weird.

Both now zonked out....Hoss down here with me, and Bud upstairs in his bed. Let's hope that 3:30 am comes and goes with no potty run. 17 degrees will feel mighty warm compared to the low we are supposed to hit....I think they said 5 degrees on the news.

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Iowa Greyhound said...

3:00 AM pee walks are rough!

It is interesting to see what's going on at that time of the day. It's enjoyable in the summer, not so much now.

Miss Long Nose does the shake thing too, very odd!