Saturday, November 11, 2006

Lazy weekend mornings

I love the fact that my boys will sleep in on Saturday mornings. We get up very early during the week, and I was afraid that they would fall into this routine and wake me up early on the weekends. But this has not been the case. They are more than happy to sleep in, and really like the laid-back routine of the weekends.

I try to take the dogs with me during weekend errands. Today we have a Meet & Greet, then will probably stop a few places before heading back home. If I had their winter coats, I would think about taking them out for a longer walk, but they both look at me after about 10 minutes with eyes that say "My feet are wet and cold, I'm feeling a draft on my tushy, I want to go home."

Their winter coats should be here next weekend. I ordered them from a gal in Chicago, and am excited to get them. I'm not a fan of dressing up dogs in goofy outfits, but the fact that they NEED these coats - I felt compelled to make them as stylish as possible. No crazy colors - just basics. And of course, they will be walking side by side, so they had to compliment each other. I can't wait to see them!! I'm also looking at buying some new collars - ones that are a little more funky and that would show their personalities. I've got Bud figured out (see his collar here) but I'm not quite sure on Hoss. I think I may just go with something Celtic for Hoss.....

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Iowa Greyhound said...

Gini's coats are wonderful, we have two! I love the fact that they are "fashionable" and not crazy patterns like other coats.

And, they're very warm!