Wednesday, July 25, 2007

New trends....

The boys have developed some new habits lately. I guess they are still "settling in" to their new living situation - though we are quickly approaching 1YEAR as a family. Here is the latest trends:

- Bud has started marking when we are out on walks. He used to be a go-one-time-and-I'm-good kinda boy, but now he will go two or three times when we are out. Hoss has been a great role model (Mr. 6-7 times).

- Now that Bud marks, we have had an increase in the number of times the Bud ends up peeing on Hoss' head!!! They sniff out a spot together, then Bud hikes a leg while Hoss is still investigating. I have to keep a close eye so that I can divert Hoss' head at the last second.

- Bud has always been one to wait until the last possible moment to do his "business". Usually it is on the last little patch of grass available. I guess he wanted to push it just a little further. Now, about 50% of the time at least, he ends up leaving a present for me on the sidewalk! Like a good owner, I pick up after them each time, but the little spot that is left....I almost feel embarrassed!

- Hoss has become excited about eating his meals again. (At one point, I had to convince him that he needed to eat.) At least 3 times now, while I'm standing at the counter preparing his food, he will ram his nose into my backside! As if to say "Hurry up Mom! I'm hungry!"

- I think one of the boys (I'm guessing Hoss) is getting up onto the couch while I am at work during the day. I've been noticing unusual amounts of dog hair on the cushions, and today, I found one of the throw pillows on the floor. I know I didn't put it there!!!

- Bud whines. When we are out on a walk and we stop for longer than 30 seconds - he whines. If we are standing and talking to neighbors - he whines. It's really annoying.

Friday, July 06, 2007

The day finally came....

...when I had to deal with the inevitable.

So, I was getting ready to head out for my July 4th 8K race. The boys (Hoss, Bud, and Tito) were outside enjoying the cooler morning air (relative, since it was already 79 at 7:00 am). I took a peek out back to make sure all was well. I saw Hoss laying in the grass, playing with something. He was acting as if he had a stuffie out there with him. Chomp, chomp, toss, chomp, chomp, chomp....I knew I hadn't put one out there with him.....I wonder what he's......OMG it isn't.......yep, OMG, yes it animal of some sort!!! Eeeeekkk! A baby bunny!!!! Where the.....what the......"HOSS!!! NO!! PUT THAT DOWN!!!"

As I went outside, freaking, Hoss chomped down on his prize and tried to calmly walk away as if he hadn't done anything wrong. I grabbed him by the collar and tried to get him to drop it. Yeah right!! Like he was going to do that, with Bud standing there, waiting anxiously for his turn with the new toy. I had to pry his jaw open to get it out, holding both Bud and Hoss at bay. This was the event that I knew would happen some day, but I didn't figure it for a while since I don't have a yard where they have free access to chase little critters.

Poor baby bunny.... :(