Sunday, June 10, 2007


Wow! It has been over a month since my last entry. So much has been going on - mostly for me and less for the boys. But, the boys have had some excitement. I've been traveling a bit lately, and Hoss' former foster parents agreed to watch both of the boys while I've been away. The first was for a quick two days while I traveled to Moline for work. The next was for a long weekend (Wed night - Sunday evening) while I was in Denver for a triathlon. They got to spend time with Hoss' old buddy Grizz (Grizzley). They all had a great time playing in their big back yard. I guess there was a little bit of jealousy going on from Bud whenever Hoss and Grizz would play together. Bud felt a little left out! :( On both occasions, I was ecstatic to pick up my boys and take them home. They seemed so happy to see me!! It is great to know that they love you and miss you when you are gone!! Especially after the trip to Denver, Hoss has been a little more clingy than usual.

Their free-range living is still going great. I haven't had any issues with them having full run of the house. I have noticed that they aren't as spastic when I come home from work as they were when they were kept in the kitchen. I think they don't realize how long I've been gone now that they can casually lay about.

I also recently got them some new collars from Dogma London. Check 'em out!