Saturday, November 11, 2006

For the cause...

Today, the adoption group hosted a meet and greet, so I took the boys down and let them show off how wonderful the greyhound breed is. They let anyone and everyone pet and love on them (how tough!) and were very good sports about the whole thing. Especially with the little kids. They were such good boys - so well-behaved.

It is fun talking to people about the breed. I've met some very interesting people - some that would be great adoptive parents, and others that I would severly have concerns about. Today was no exception. I think there were at least 3 families that will be adopting soon, and then there is the crazy couple that I really hope does not get approved for adoption.

After seeing the boys with all of those people, it is nice to be sitting at home with them all to myself.


Iowa Greyhound said...

Meet and Greets are fun!

And, some of the inquiries do scare us all. My favorite was spending about half an hour talking to a gentleman about turning a greyhound into a hunting dog. He mentioned how he'd keep "his greyhound" outside in a nice kennel.

I'm glad we're picky about adoptions!

Greyt Times said...

Yeah - my favorite from yesterday was the crazy lady who kept saying she wanted to steal my dog (oh, and my necklace too). I wouldn't doubt that she would try, given the opportunity. She kept running from dog to dog, hugging each of them. Her husband seemed somewhat normal until he said that he would want to course the dog. Eeek!

Daisy mommy said...

I love reading about what you are going through with DA BOYZ IN DA LITTLE HOOD. Daisy loves to sleep in on the weekends. Honestly, she is truly the Princess. A friend of mine made a coat for her from daisy design fleece, and two cars stopped and rolled their windows down to comment on her today. The meet and greet sounded wild. Some of those people would not have set well with me, as you said. Keep writing, I love it.