Thursday, November 16, 2006

Jammies and Jackets

Today was like Christmas for the boys. Two of the three apparel items I ordered recently arrived today. Their new winter coats.....and their jammies. Yes, you read that right - I ordered them each a pair of jammies. I keep the house somewhat cool (3 levels is hard to regulate), and have found the boys to be somewhat chilly on really cold and windy nights. I figured it wouldn't hurt to have a pair on hand for when it gets really cold out.

When they tried them on this evening, there was some looks of annoyance pointed my direction. They are a little awkward to get on and off - and Hoss being as klutzy as he is, we had to work on his balance a bit. After I got them on, each of them did walk a little funny at first, but quickly got used to it. I think if we have some "practice sessions" over the next few days, they'll get used to it.

And what can I say about the coats but that they are exceptional! The fit so good, and the colors I picked out look great on each of them! (thank you, thank you)

Now I'm just waiting on their new collars - and I know they've been shipped, so it is just a matter of time!!!!


Iowa Greyhound said...

Everything looks wonderful!

I love the 'jams! Are those from Gini too? Whoa!

Greyt Times said...

The jammies are from Happy Hound Designs. They got the order out very quickly!