Sunday, November 19, 2006

Toenail Terror

I've always trimmed the toenails of any dog I've had, and my greys would be no different. I don't have to trim them too often. Because I walk them on the sidewalks in our neighborhood, the cement helps to keep them filed down. But over time, they grow out and then need a trim.

I've noticed Hoss' nails were getting a little long, so this evening I decided to trim them down. I had done it once before and it had gone well. He laid there like a perfect angel and didn't whine a bit. Snip, snip, and I was done.

This time didn't go quite so smoothly. I was down to the last foot and I did it - I cut one too short. Hoss jumped which freaked me out, but no yelp. I looked down and saw the bleeding start. I got a rag in hopes that I could get it to stop, but no such luck. And no, I don't have any of the magical stuff that you are supposed to put on in events like this. I tried cornstarch, which sort of worked, but not really.

I gave each of the boys a treat and waited to see how the bleeding would do. It seemed to stop, so I was feeling pretty relieved. About an hour later, I took the boys out for a walk, and when we came back in, I noticed the bleeding had started again, with much more gusto than before. In fact, when I noticed it, Hoss had laid down on his bed with his feet up underneath him, so blood was all over his belly and chest! It looked like a war zone!!!

The pet store was closed so I couldn't get any of the magical stuff to stop the bleeding. I'll definitely make sure I have some for next time. Once again, my carpet cleaning machine will pay off - cleaning up the little blood spots I've seen here and there around the house.

I think Hoss has forgiven me, but he is definitely taking advantage of the guilt trip and soliciting more belly rubs than usual! :)


Becca said...

That one time is all it took for me with Tito...I'll never cut them myself again!!

Daisy mommy said...

That does it. Reading your story (war story) on nail cutting cemented my decision NOT to do it ever. I do not want to inadvertently hurt Miss Daisy!! And I could. With a black dog, it could be easy not seeing the quick and I will just bring her in to her vets to do it whenever its necessary. My vet said only once every 2 months. But regardless, thank you for making my mind up!!! Poor Hoss, poor you!

Sylvia said...

I can't believe I forgot to mention this tip about cleaning up blood - Doc was always a "leaker" and into something. Hydrogen pyroxide will take blood off everything without damaging fabric, carpet, etc.