Thursday, November 09, 2006

Daycare means a quiet night...sort of.

Every Thursday, the boys go to Happy Tails doggy daycare (behind Iowa Pet Foods off of 22nd Ave). They are soooooo excited each morning, hoping that they will get to go. When Thursday finally arrives, I get such a kick out of their enthusiasm as we prepare to leave the house. They both bounce up and down and give me the look of "is it time to go yet?"

Their day is full of playtime and socialization with other greyhounds (as well as a few miscellaneous greyhound-for-the-day dogs that may happen to show up). They get to run around, play-fight and sleep -- whatever they feel like doing. I've been told by the owner that Hoss is the policeman of the group. If things get too wild, he will step in and settle everyone down. But don't get me wrong - Hoss likes to play just as much, if not more, than the next grey. He is always instigating play-fights at home with Bud.

By the time I pick them up in the evening, they are happy to see me and ready to go home. The drive home is usually quiet, with both of them zonked out in the back of the Jeep. When we get home, they gear up enough for dinner and a potty-walk, then they crash on the floor. They are OUT!!! Tonight, Bud went upstairs and went to bed on his own instead of staying downstairs with Hoss and I. He took his new stuffy with him to snuggle with.....

I can count on daycare nights to be quite entertaining. They tend to dream a lot more on these nights, probably recalling their fun and games from the day. I can usually plan on a startling wake-up due to some barks and growls throughout the night.

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