Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Introducing Bud

As time went on and Hoss began to settle into living with me, I began to notice signs of separation anxiety. I tried all of the textbook techniques in hopes of curing this, but none of them worked. The head of the adoption group suggested we try introducing a second to the mix. We started with a foster - Millie - who was a petite little girl. I had her for three weeks before her adoption was final. In that time, all of Hoss' issues disappeared. I knew I was in for a lifetime of two.

Bud had been off the track only two weeks when I got him. He had already mastered stairs and was trained to potty on a leash. With those two items already mastered, getting him used to living at home with Hoss and I has been pretty simple. He fits right in, but is definitely the needy one of the bunch - constantly by my side and seeking my approval.

Like Hoss, Bud is fairly laid back. Being 4 years old and just off the track, he likes to play a bit more than Hoss does, but mostly with his toys. Hoss tries to engage him in some play-fighting, but he hasn't quite figured out that it is okay to play a little rough sometimes.

Last week was Bud's first day at daycare. Once a week, the boys go to a local doggie daycare where they have established Thursdays as "Greyhound Day". This is a great way to get them out of the house and get them some good exercise and some socialization time.

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It's great to see a fellow HGA member on here! Keep up the blogging!

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