Sunday, November 12, 2006

What's up with that?

I love the weekends. I get to spend lots of quality time with the boys while at the same time, getting lots done around the house. Lately it has been time deep cleaning my carpets. Since the addition of my previous foster and continued with Bud, I've had to deal with a few extra spots on the carpet. They both have an issue with gulping water after they eat, then coughing up excess onto whatever surface they are near - usually the sitting room or bedroom floor. It isn't horribly messy, but icky none the less. I invested in a carpet cleaning machine, and so far it has been well worth the money.

Aside from the pseudo-vomit, the boys have been randomly peeing in the house! They are both very well potty trained and are taken out frequently. I make sure they do all of their business when we are out so that nothing is left to have accidents with. But take this evening for instance. We went for our early evening potty walk and both did their duties. We came back in and it was time for dinner. Bud ate first, and as always, came lumbering over to me when he was finished for the "pet of approval" from me. Not one minute later, he walked into the sitting room, sniffed around, hiked his leg and started peeing on one of the chairs!!! Aaaaarrrggg! I instantly was up and yelling "No!!! Bad boy!!!" (I hate having to say that!) He dropped his leg and took off, whining and crying, knowing that he was in trouble. I took him outside to do his business, but of course, he was so nervous that he couldn't go.

I don't get it!!! Hoss has done something similar in the not so distant past. The fact that they are both doing it makes me think they are mad about something and are trying to prove a point. (Hoss used to do things like that when we were going through his SA issues.) Otherwise, I would think it might be UTI or a bladder infection, since random urinating is a symptom. But both at once? I suppose I should go the route to get a medical condition ruled out.


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