Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Wednesday night already

I noticed that my last post was almost a full week ago! Wow - where has the week gone? I began to think about everything that had happened over the last week. Let's see...

Thursday was a post-daycare night, so it was pretty quiet. I think I had something going on that night. I don't even remember now what that was.

Friday was a crazy day at work. I did some quick shopping at work then it was home for the evening. I knew the next few days would be hectic, so I took advantage and got some sleep.

Saturday started with a photo session with me and the boys. Oh man, that was a hoot! Hoss was quite the ham - posing for the camera and acting so cooperative. Bud on the other hand is sooo anxious all of the time - he kept pacing around, trying to figure out what was going and why we were in this strange place with the light that keeps flashing in his eyes! We were lucky to get off any good shots. But, all was good! We picked out some nice pics, and they should be in soon. I'm excited!

Saturday evening was the holiday party for the greyhound rescue group. It was a great time, and I got to talk to other people and hear their stories. Funny how, even though it was one of the few events where we didn't bring the dogs, the dogs were all we talked about!!!

Sunday was a relaxing day. I figured out how to use the hard surface attachment on my floor cleaning machine then tackled the kitchen. Sweet!!! So much better than my mop! Later on, I caught a movie with a friend, picked up some Thai food from my favorite place on the way home, then relaxed with the boys the rest of the night.

Monday was a Monday. Chaos at work, so I looked forward to coming home at lunch and walking the boys. A great excuse to get out and clear my mind.

Tuesdays are always a rush. I teach at 6:30 pm, so after work, it is rush home, walk the boys, feed the boys, change clothes, then run out the door. When I got back, I snuggled with the boys on the floor while watching tv, until it was time for bed.

Today, I had to go out of town for work, so the boys went to daycare. It wasn't greyhound day like it is on Thursdays, so they were with a more rambunctious group. They both passed out on the floor after we got home. I had to wake them up for dinner. Now that dinner is over, they are both sleeping again. I can hear the wind howling outside the windows. I'm not looking forward to the potty walk before bed.

This week is their lucky week. They will get to go to daycare tomorrow again. Two times in a row!!! Yowza! I'm glad I have daycare as an option in the event that I need to be flexible with my schedule during the day. Plus, the boys love it and it is nice that they get to be social rather than being stuck in the kitchen all day.

I've been considering installing a webcam in the kitchen so that I can watch what their typical day is like at home while I'm at work. I'm so curious......

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Iowa Greyhound said...

I've never considered the day care option until reading your post. I might have to look into it on those days that I'm out of town.

It is funny how we stay on topic at our events! The lure coursing club demographics are interesting, it's completely different than HGA.