Friday, August 10, 2007

Exhibit #1: Drool Spot

Your Honor, I would like to present Exhibit #1: a drool spot on a throw pillow from the couch.

Upon arriving at home after a long, exhausting bike workout, I greeted the boys with my usual love and affection. As I walked over to turn on the laptop, I noticed a dark spot on one of the pillows. A quick touch - wet. A quick sniff -not pee (phew!).

The prosecution feels this evidence is substantial in our ongoing efforts to prove that one of the household hounds is seeking comfort on the plush, leather wrapped cushions of the living room couch while their super-fly owner (that's me!) is not present.


Danielle in Iowa said...

If you find some way to keep the dogs off the couch while you are gone let me know - our dog (a little one) sits on top of the back cushions every day and now they are permanently misshapen! But at least he doesn't drool :-) At least the dog had the decency to drool on the pillow and not on the leather!

IHateToast said...

and how do we, the members of the jury, know that isn't your drool?



aye, toots!

Greyt Times said...

danielle - yes, at least he kept it to the pillow!

ihatetoast - I do have solid evidence that I was not at home during the time of the drooling incident. :) I suppose I should submit that evidence as well.

peter said...

That's a riot. Years ago when I had a Black Lab (good ol' Bert) I used to drive home in my VW Bug with its distinctive engine sound. Bert knew what to listen for, and when I walked in, he'd always be standing in the entranceway, tail wagging. I'd brush by and go feel the couch, where a pizza-sized warm spot would be. I'd look around and Bert would have already quietly vanished to some unknown part of the house.

Friar Tuck said...

Oh I'd convict on that one. Somebody call Boston Legal.

gyeong said...

At least your's wait till you leave. Stella licks and nose-drips on the couch while we sit next to her. She is a convicted 'couch-licker' and it not ashamed of it.

thebellagreyhound said...

Oh we have those in Australia too! Lucky it is so hot here - I am sure that most of them dry before we get home to discover that they have spent the whole day on the couch : )