Friday, August 17, 2007

Frogs and Hogs

Our evening walks have become quite entertaining. There seems to be a large number of little bity frogs that come out at night and chill on the sidewalk along our potty walk path. I have no problem with them being there, if only they would just STAY STILL!!! Every time they get to hopping around, I have to hold the boys back. Don't they know we have a pact???!!? You don't jump around in clear sight and I won't let my dogs eat you!! :)

So, the other night, after our final frog-filled frolic of the evening, the boys and I head to bed. Well, let me clarify. I went to bed. The boys, about 30 minutes later, finally decided to join me. Bud headed up first and had his pick of the beds. (The one closest to mommy is the primo spot.) About 5 minutes later, Hoss decided to join us. In my half asleep'dness, I hear him coming, but think nothing of it. Until......the undertone of growls starts. I open my eyes to see Hoss, pawing at the bed as if to fluff it - only instead of the other bed, he is priming the one Bud is laying on. Bug tried to defend his spot with a growl and a few warning barks, but Hoss is the Boss and was too stubborn for that. Since Bud wouldn't move, Hoss decided to lay down on the floor between me and Bud. (That is not a lot of room....he was crammed in there, making a point.) Eventually, Bud got the hint, gave in, and moved over to the next bed. Hoss claimed his prize and they both drifted to sleep.


IHateToast said...

tamale does that, too. i think she wants the pre-warmed bed like i want the cold spot on the pillow. nerd. perhaps it's a b&w dog thing.

cute photo with the frog

LittleB22 said...

He looks so precious in this picture!