Monday, January 15, 2007

Stuffie time!

My new camera has the ability to record video. Today I got some video of Hoss working on a stuffie while Bud looks on. What you don't see in the video is that Bud had been playing with the stuffie, looked away for a mere moment, then Hoss stole it away. Bud isn't as aggressive, so he patiently watched Hoss until it was his turn again. Kind of cute, so I thought I would share.


Justin said...

A good video to look for! nicely taken.
And hey, the results of the
Dog Of The Week Contest is out!!

Iowa Greyhound said...

Bud is so patient, such the gentleman!

paola_ said...

Greyhounds are so gentle! No tearing stuffies to bits, but just gentle biting and... "kirputtaminen" - I don't know what that is in english but the thing your dog does when s/he feels itchy and biter herself with the front teeth. (Tara does it to us as well, as a sign of affection...)

Greyt Times said...

paola - Thanks for your post. I call it the "greyhound-nibble". Bud does it more than Hoss does, especially when he is excited. My oldest (Hoss) does tear the stuffies to bits. I will find stuffie guts all over the floor!!!

iowa greyhound - yes, Bud is patient, but I think he is growing weary. I've seen him show a little more aggression lately when Hoss tries to steal his stuffie.

justin - thanks for the compliment!

Friar Tuck said...

Thanks for the video. And the very original blog name. It's really quite clever.

It was encouraging to see a video of greyhounds in somebody's home. Until I get my own I will live vicariously through you.

Daisy mommy said...

THAT IS SOOOOO CUTE OF HOSS ASSERTING HIMSELF WITH THE TOY! I didn't show it to Miss Daisy, as she would've probably piped in that nothing would've gotten passed her in the room! Loved it!