Tuesday, January 09, 2007


It is so funny, the difference between my boys. Hoss is very content to find a spot to lay and just "be". Bud on the other hand, is my shadow. Every time I get up, he is at my side. "Whatcha doin' ma? Food for me? Scritchies for me? Somethin' for me? Heh????" If I walk downstairs to do laundry, Bud thinks we are going for a walk and gets excited. As soon as he realizes it is a false alarm, he gives me the sad eyes, like I am depriving him! Such a pitiful life, huh?

This is the typical look - "What's next?"


Chicago Sheri said...

Mitch lays in teh sunbeam on his pillow, then jumps up everytime i do to see if i am getting him food or not :)

Greyt Times said...

How old is Mitch? It must be an age thing. Hoss is almost 8 and unless it is worth him getting up, he won't. Gee, I know that feeling!