Sunday, January 21, 2007

A new friend and snowy morning

Last weekend, I picked up a new stuffie while we were at a Meet & Greet. It was the one I featured in a previous post. The boys pretty much fight over it. One waits for the other to look away, then they do a drive by and snag it before the other knows what hit him! So, when I was out and about this weekend, I ran across this cute green alien stuffie. I just knew the boys would love it. Sure enough, they both went crazy when I brought it home. I've even seen some Hoss vs. Bud tug-of-war going on. I love it!!!

With the snowfall last night, it made for some interesting walks this morning before the plows came through. I had heard the rumor that greyhounds will just sit down in the snow if their feet get packed and they are uncomfortable. I witnessed it today as Bud plopped down and started gnawing on his feet. Yikes!! I warmed them up and cleaned them off, enough at least to get him home.

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Iowa Greyhound said...

I've seen the sit down behavior in snow too! It's the greyhound's way of a peaceful protest.

They seem to do a similar thing in hot weather too.