Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The road to recovery

Ok, now.....I'm not one to dress up my dogs. Yes, they do have jammies - but only for when it is REALLY cold out. And, I do have coats for them, but could you imagine going out in -20 degrees without a coat??? But, when Bud first came home after his surgery, I wanted to find a way to keep his wound clean and keep him from licking it. It was mentioned on a few message boards that a tshirt works great. It did for the first few days, and was such a cute site.

After about the third day, I came home at lunch to find a big hole in the side of the shirt, and a big wet spot from where he had licked and chewed to get at his itchy, healing wound. So......off to PetSmart we went to get the dreaded E-Collar. I've been the official "bad mommy" for the last two weeks. Because of the size of a greyhound's head relative to their necks, the cone had to be pretty tight to keep him from slipping out. Don't misunderstand - I could still fit fingers between the collar and his neck - but he was sure to make sad grunting noises to show how uncomfortable he was. A treat cleared that up right away. :)

On Thursday of last week, Bud was able to get his staples out. A quick process and he was a free boy! Getting the staples out took less than 5 minutes, but the wait at the vet's office took almost an hour! Geesh! I've continued to use the E-Collar this weekend, and only this morning decided to forgo it's use. The scabs have finally dwindled down and he doesn't have anything to pick at - just and ugly scar with hair trying to grow back in around it.


Friar Tuck said...

But think of the stories Bud can tell to his dog-mates while they're sitting around drinking a beer. "Dude, where'd you get that scar?"

He'll be the coolest dog on the block.

Iowa Greyhound said...

Bud is a healed man. He's a lucky guy!

IHateToast said...

That's not an ugly scar. That there's braggin' rights, wummun! I agree with FT

do you think he licked the shirt to get at the sore or did he just do a little protest, because he wanted a cool concert t-shirt from the 80s?