Friday, April 27, 2007

Brotherly Love

Well, it is starting to happen. Hoss and Bud have started to view each other in a brotherly way. They have become quite playful, and even sleep a lot closer together. In the past - Hoss didn't want Bud within 3 feet of him, but the other day I caught them practically nose to hiney!

Here is some video of the boys playing "nicely". They do this once or twice a day, and it is so funny to watch. If you didn't know any better, you would think that it was mean-spirited, but they are just being silly!

Bud Update: Bud has fully recovered from his SPD injury. His staples have been out for a while and the hair is starting to grow back in. He is such a doll! He has become quite affectionate lately and is listening very well when told to do things. Bud has some new girlfriends in the neighborhood. He is quite enamored with two dogs that live down the street. Each time we go out for a walk, he is looking their direction, hoping to see them. One is a little 8 month old bulldog named Pudge, and Pudge like to give Bud kisses!! It is the cutest thing ever!

Hoss Update: Hoss is such a mellow dude! He has become very laid back - even more so than he already was! He too has become more affectionate as of late - pimping for more ear and butt scritches any chance he can. As I mentioned earlier, he is really starting to love Bud like a brother. I even discovered that he knows a trick!!! He will stand up on his back legs for a moment - almost a rearing position like a horse. We are working to perfect it - making sure that he only does it on command and never on his own. It is scary when a big dog rears up like that, and I don't want him to misuse his super powers.

Other news.....Well, we've taken a big step here at the house - the boys no longer stay in the kitchen when I leave. That's right! They get full run of the house (other than my bedroom which is closed off). They seems so much happier now, and show less anxiety when I leave. I still slip them a treat before I take off, and it is less stressful for me since I don't have to fight Hoss to get him in the kitchen. He was developing a bad habit of running the other direction then laying down and playing dead anytime he thought I was going to leave. I'm now able to get out the door on time now that I don't have to fight with him.

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Iowa Greyhound said...

They look like they're having fun play fighting!

It's funny how everything suddenly clicks and personalities begin appearing with greyhounds.