Sunday, February 04, 2007

Happy Birthday, Hoss!

Friday was Hoss' birthday - the big 8!! With Bud's birthday quickly following this week, I made one trip to the Brown Dog Bakery to get some birthday goodies for both days. Confined to the kitchen, I gave each of the boys a couple of different treats. Some were enjoyed more than others, but overall they were excited for the change. Along with the treats, I bought a few new stuffies. I only gave one out, and will give the other out on Bud's bday. They have both really enjoyed the new stuffie. Every time we come downstairs, Hoss attacks it, even if for only a split second before flopping over for a quick bout of shut-eye.

In other greyhound news:

- Bud is showing a lot more aggression over the last week or so. I've noticed that he will bark or growl at Hoss at bizarre times. Sometimes I think it is a possession issue - with me, with food, with toys. Usually I'm quick to follow with a No! and a stern glare. He backs down, then comes to me for an apology snuggle at first chance.

- Both of the boys have been a lot more affectionate with me lately! Lot's of leaning, on heads on the lap. Hoss likes to bury his head between my legs when I'm standing. It is really cute! Maybe they know it will get them scritches......I don't care. I like it anyway, and will give scritches if it means they keep it up!

- Hoss' ability to go lengths of time without needing to go out is starting to regress. Maybe he just takes advantage of my being home, but he has been awfully whiny lately. He even had an "oops" this weekend. He got himself riled up as we were getting ready to go out. He was doing mini-zoomies and raced down to the bottom landing where we exit at. As he got down into his Egyptian pose, I started to hear him pee! I told him to stop but he looked at me like he was confused. I was mad for a bit, but soon realized he probably didn't realize what he did. When we went out right after, he did his normal potty routine, so it must have been an oops that slipped out. Poor guy!

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Justin said...

Dont worry Hoss will be fine... It's just that he needs some extra care..