Thursday, March 26, 2009

A first

I've got a race this weekend. Actually, this summer, I have a lot of traveling on the schedule. Lots of quick, weekend trips. As a single mom to two furkids, finding someone to watch the boys can be difficult. So I'm trying something new.

Tomorrow, I'm dropping the boys off at doggy daycare, and they are staying the night.

Daycare is not new for them. I used to take them once a week when I first got them. They LOVED it! Would come home pooped!!! The new part of this is the boarding. I've never let them stay overnight with anyone I didn't know very well.

All I can hope is that they have so much fun that they are EXHAUSTED and don't care where they sleep. It's only one night, but I'm hoping they make some new 4-legged friends and I can use this place more this summer.


Molly said...

Oh My Dog how cute is that picture? I just want to snuggle up with them!

cheryl said...

yes, I agree - its tough to find dog sitters, who will love your dogs the way you do.I hope the overnight care goes well.

Melissa said...

I hope the overnight experience went well and they a great time. It is hard to find dogsitters, especially when you have two.

They probably loved it :-)

the mostly reverend said...

i am so lucky to have a family of three young boys just two houses down who will take care of my brood of three. whew! they can stay home and have someone stop by and let them out and feed them and all is good. and it's CHEAP!!

greyhound said...

Greyt: are you on facebook? My blog is prolly going on hiatus, and I'd like to keep up with you that way.

(I can't remember your real name, so e-mail me at trigreyhound at yahoo dot com)