Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Couch, collars, and just plain goofy

I have PROOF!!!!

I had blankets left on the couch from when my Mom, sis and cousin were here for the marathon. Guess they were inviting!

I was sitting on the couch, working on the laptop, when Hoss walked over and stepped right on up. At first I wanted to stop him............but I gave in. :) The boys are now allowed on the couch. Bud has even found it to be quite comfy, and will sit next to me when he is feeling snuggly.

I like this shot.....you can almost hear the dialog between them!

Fall is here, so it was time for some new collars. Of course, DogmaLondon.com had just the right ones to suit the boys' current moods.

Here is Hoss in "Inked" - it has various tattoo-like graphics, including one that reads 'I love Mom' :)

Bud is wearing "Super Dawg". He really has exhibited superhero-type actions lately. Whether it is stealing toys away from Hoss before he is even noticed, or sliding quietly into the favorite bed at night, knowing very well he will have to fight a battle of wills in about an hour when Hoss decides HE wants to sleep there. (Note: this is where Bud's superheroness falls short, as Hoss always wins the battle-for-the-bed.)

Here are some shots of the boys enjoying an ice cream cup one afternoon. I've been awfully busy lately, so I try to give them some "good treats" every once in a while to bribe for their affection!!! :)


IHateToast said...

those are some shaweet collars. can i say that? i'm almost 40. that might look bad.

still. loved the collars.

thebellagreyhound said...

Ice cream makes everything better :)
My greys are jealous of the collars...looks like I had better get online so that they have the Xmas presents they want...LOL

gyeong said...

Stella will get the fleece blanket, put it on the couch, make a nest with it, then lay on top. Softer is better!