Thursday, March 26, 2009

A first

I've got a race this weekend. Actually, this summer, I have a lot of traveling on the schedule. Lots of quick, weekend trips. As a single mom to two furkids, finding someone to watch the boys can be difficult. So I'm trying something new.

Tomorrow, I'm dropping the boys off at doggy daycare, and they are staying the night.

Daycare is not new for them. I used to take them once a week when I first got them. They LOVED it! Would come home pooped!!! The new part of this is the boarding. I've never let them stay overnight with anyone I didn't know very well.

All I can hope is that they have so much fun that they are EXHAUSTED and don't care where they sleep. It's only one night, but I'm hoping they make some new 4-legged friends and I can use this place more this summer.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

My boys are growing up!

Happy Birthday Hoss and Bud!!!

Hoss - the big 1-0!!! My senior boy...
Bud - 6 years and going strong!

I think we need to party this weekend, don't you???

Sunday, February 01, 2009

A new friend

Well, I know I don't update this blog much anymore - the boys have settled into my life quite nicely, and while they still constantly surprise me and make me laugh, it isn't as noteworthy as it once was. My more recent endeavors are chronicled on my other blog and while they aren't the stars of that particular show, they still are my #1 priority every single day. First, taking care of and loving them, second is the rest of my life!

It's been a few years now, and we have found our groove....the things in our days that make for a nice routine that the boys and I enjoy and take comfort in. I know they take comfort in the blandness because they seem happiest when things are status quo, and seem taken aback when the routine is broken.

For instance - I recently (Dec) quit my job to go out on my own. It was right around Christmas and as we all know, the holiday season can throw routines right out the window. The boys, especially Hoss, were frustrated with the constant schedule change from day to day. We are all glad to be back to a normal weekly routine.

Back to my original reason for the post - I wanted to share some pics of a new friend. Her name is Olive, and she is the newest edition to some friends' household. She is a ball of energy (as she should be at the ripe age of 4 months) and this afternoon she came for a visit. The boys and I will be dog sitting for her in April, so today was the grand introduction.

You'll notice all of the pics are of Olive and Bud. This is because Hoss has some personal space issues, and didn't take kindly to Olive's lack of personal you'll see in the pics...

I'm sure Hoss will lighten up a bit as he gets to know her. He did with Tito, but then again, Tito never tried to get in his face like Olive did today. :) She is such a lover - of humans and other dogs. It was a lot of fun, and we look forward to having her back over a few more times before April!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bark and Brew

A few weekends ago, the boys and I attended a fundraising event for the establishement of a dog park in Ankeny. Here are some photos that were snapped of us....

Monday, April 07, 2008

What's 4 months between friends?

Yeah I've been neglecting this blog a bit. Sorry! No news is good news, right?!?! Actually, that has been true in this case. The boys have been greyt! They've both maintained their gentleman status - always so sweet and polite to everyone they meet. They've put up with my crazy training and travel schedules. And health-wise they are stellar!
With my training and traveling they've been able to hang out with their buddies Grizz and Bear. These two greys own the couple that fostered Hoss before he came to own me. The boys L-O-V-E hanging out at their place. The last few times there has been a foster as well, so 5 greys have rule of the house!
As boys will be, sometimes they get a little rambunctious. When I came back from my Galveston trip, I was greeted with some stitches on Hoss' neck. The boys got a little rough and he caught a tooth. Ouch! But it didn't phase him at all and he is doing fine. It is times like that when I am glad to have such grey-knowledgeable sitters for the boys! They know exactly what to do, no questions!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Vet Visit

Well folks, this year is wrapping up. And what better way to bring it to an end than with...........a teeth cleaning session??

Yep. Fun stuff.

I'm not sure when Hoss was in last, but in the 1 year and 3 months I've had him, we've been what you'd call "lax" on the whole dental hygiene front.

But, all news was good. No extractions! And the doc said everything looked really good!

I also had them do some bloodwork to check for underlying issues. No issues there either!

Bud got his shots up to date, too. What a day!

I hope everyone has a great holiday!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Unseasonal Sunday

Can I just say, "Wow!" It is November in Iowa......and it was 67 degrees this afternoon. A weird, balmy air - something not typical of this time of year.

Of course, we had to take advantage of it! The boys and I, along with our neighbor and her dog Boz, went out to a local, vacant, baseball diamond for an afternoon of fun. It was fun to watch Boz chase the ball, and the boys chase Boz!